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Vehicle ECU Remapping Specialists

Vehicle ECU Remapping Specialists

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Where is it done?
The remapping process is completely mobile meaning that we can remap your vehicle at home or at work.
Alternatively you can bring your vehicle to Optidrive where you will be well looked after.

How long will it take?
Optidrive Technicians can be very flexible and work around your availability with the majority of remaps
taking approximately 2 hours from start to finish. However, we aim to minimise the down-time
of the vehicle and may have other options available to reduce this time even further.

Is remapping the same as chipping?
Chipping is an older version of what remapping is today,
which involved the ECU being physically opened and replacing the main microchip with a modified microchip.
Our method means that there is no need to open the ECU, which significantly reduces the risk of damage or failure.

Will Optidrive remapping service shorten an engines life expectancy?
No; we optimise the maps within the ECU without exceeding the limits of the vehicles engine.

Can the original settings be reinstalled?
Optidrive always backup the original file settings on our database,
so the original file settings can always be uploaded back onto the vehicle.

Are there any risks involved with remapping a vehicle?
Optidrive technicians have been trained to the highest standard to provide bespoke service. The process that we follow has been tried and tested and minimises the risk involved.

Will I have to inform my insurers?
That's up to you! Because an ECU can only store one map at a time, it's very difficult to tell if a car has been remapped or not: There's no original map stored on the car to compare against. Not all insurance companies are knowledgeable about the process of remapping yet, and therefore will not add a premium for remapping. You should check your insurance documentation thoroughly before having your car remapped to see if this is the case.

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