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Vehicle ECU Remapping Specialists

Vehicle ECU Remapping Specialists

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Driving Tips

Where is the energy lost? A little bit of theory.

If you want to drive economically, you need to know where to depend on fuel consumption levels. Practice without theory does not always make you to enjoy the results. So we suggest, although not a university, but a short car theory course.

Can you imagine that in most cases half the fuel consumption heats only the environment? This is simply the heat of the output of the engine. Now we know, that there is only half left and it depends on driver's ability, how the remaining energy will be used. As stated Automotive Engineers, this remaining energy not only drives the car, but also supplies power to the remaining auxiliary vehicle systems.

"By turning the generator or engine cooling fans there is a loss of another 10% of energy. Other significant energy disappearing between transmission gears, where in any case the loss is between 7-15%. Even more loss found in older automatic gearbox, but the whole chain of energy loss does not stop here. The last link in the chain - are car wheels. The engine has to overcome the wheel rolling resistance coefficient and it's a great extent depending on the tires. Ultimately, therefore, very little energy left to propel the car forward. And of course, these balances must be paid to good use, "- said automobile engineer.

How to reduce the losses?

Although the above-mentioned energy losses are inevitable, substantial increase of operating a car may lead to a minor reduction on fuel consumption. Did you know what the car's air conditioning can use as much as 10 horsepower? Slightly smaller amount of energy is sucked by a powerful sound system or fog lights. Driveline losses offset by little on good gear oil. It is not necessary to change oil often, but sometimes people forget even to check the level of the gearbox.

Let's not forget the tires, because of different manufacturers and different tire patterns rolling resistance is often quite different. Therefore, when buying tires, be sure to ask the seller about the car and which tires are most suitable. Regularly check your tyre pressure, air filter – make sure it's clean and in good condition. When driving on motorways, close your windows as opening them will reduce vehicles aerodinamics by 40%. Remove unnecessary weighty items from the boot and drive smoothly avoiding sharp acceleration and braking.

  • Check the pressure in the tires at least once a month. Under-inflated tires improve grip as well as fuel consumption. The proper tire pressure reduces fuel consumption by up to 3%.
  • Maintain the engine. Even the smallest engine failure increases fuel consumption. Only a properly maintained car engine ensures a higher output, dynamism, and hence cost-effectiveness.
  • Feel the accelerator. The highest fuel consumption happens when accelerating, so the higher rev's, the higher is fuel consumption. Accelerator pedal must be pressed gently and accelerate gradually to avoid sudden braking.
  • Reduce speed. Faster driving increases air resistance and uses more fuel. Speed reduction can reduce fuel consumption by up to 33%.
  • Check the air filter. At least every 6 months remove and clean the air filter. A clogged air filter reduces airflow to the engine. Recommended to change the air filter every 15 000 kilometers.
  • Replace the fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter decreases vehicle power and dynamics, especially for diesel engines.
  • Change the oil to ensure smooth operation of the engine. Suitable lubricants ensure easy start and smooth work of the engine. Its lubricating properties, which decreases with time suggest, that the oil should be changed every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers. It is also important to change the gearbox oil due to severe and unjust gearshift strain on the engine and resulting in increased fuel consumption.
  • Keep your vehicle clean. Unnecessary extra weight, for example: 35 kilograms increases fuel consumption by 1-2%.
  • Use Air conditioner only for higher speeds like motorways and windows or sunroof for in town driving, as switched on aircon in town will increase fuel consumption to an average of 20 mpg.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with cruise control, use it when driving out of town. This not only makes driving easier, but also reduces fuel consumption, as the engine runs at a constant speed consuming less fuel.


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